CAMI December 2017 Newsletter

Announcing CAMI II

The CAMI team proudly announces the second CAMI challenge, which will take place in 2018. You can find a tentative timetable here. As in the first challenge, the challenge will begin with a release of several new toy datasets, for you to familiarize with the data, formats and to prepare for the upcoming challenges. These will consist of

  • A 65 sample microbiome data set from mouse guts, sequenced with short and long read technologies.
  • A 49 sample microbiome data set for different human body sites (airways, gastrointestinal tract, oral cavity, skin and urogenital tract), also sequenced with short and long read technologies.

The data sets will be provided in January 2018 on the CAMI benchmarking and data portal site. Standard of truths for assembly, taxonomic profiling, taxonomic binning and genome binning are also provided for each sample and the entire data set, respectively.

What will the CAMI II challenges focus on?

  • As in the first CAMI challenge, developers can submit their results for software and pipelines for metagenome assembly, genome binning, taxon binning and taxonomic profiling.
  • By providing hybrid data sets of both long and short reads in some of the challenges, we are enabling you to explore how to best make use of these exciting new technologies in microbiome research.
  • Two more special challenges are currently still in preparation. More will be revealed soon.

Why should you participate in the 2nd CAMI challenge?

A profiling challenge organized by PMI

Are you looking for further challenges to explore? In this case, we would like to draw your attention to a profiling challenge that Philip Morris International (PMI) is organizing. You can more information under this link. There is a webinar on Dec 12th at 2pm CET, where interested developers can learn more.

The winners of the first CAMI challenge participant raffle have been drawn!

Eligible were 14 teams across all evaluated categories that submitted reproducible results and had no relationship to any of challenge organizers. The participant teams receiving one of three available prizes of 1,000 EU were drawn in a raffle by a person with no involvement in the CAMI challenge or ties to the organizers and participants. Congratulations to the teams submitting results for Ray (Blacklight), Dudes and MyCC!

We are looking forward to hearing from you and working with you!

The CAMI team