Are you a developer of a computational metagenome analysis method and software? CAMI is for you!

The 2nd CAMI contest will open in end of 2018. Answers to some frequently asked questions about CAMI can be found in the FAQ section.


Example data sets

We made some example data sets with gold standards (simulated from public genomes) available at our CAMI benchmarking portal or under DOI 10.5524/100344. Click on the up- and download button: here you can find all currently available benchmark data sets and under the databases tab reference databases provided that should be used with the respective data sets for analyses. We encourage participants to run their tool on these data sets and upload their results, to familiarize with the up- and download site.  Give us feedback if anything is unclear. The data sets are available at:

Format specifications, presentation materials and other information are deposited on GitHub. File formats for different tasks:


Reproducibility of results

Participants are encouraged to submit reproducible results, either by submitting their tool on the contest website in a docker container or by installation of their software on the Blacklight machine at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC).


Mailing list and contact to CAMI core team

A plain mailing list is available for all CAMI participants:

Please post all CAMI participation related questions to this list (posting for list members only).

We also invite software developers and users to interact with the CAMI core team in defining CAMI contests already in the planning phase. For this you can contact us directly, subscribe to the newsletter or join the Microbiome COSI of ISCB. These slides also give an overview over different parts being realized in CAMI.