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CAMI December 2017 Newsletter

Announcing CAMI II

The CAMI team proudly announces the second CAMI challenge, which will take place in 2018. You can find a tentative timetable here. As in the first challenge, the challenge will begin with a release of several new toy datasets, for you to familiarize with the data, formats and to prepare for the upcoming challenges. These will consist of

Submission of ISMB 2018 proceedings has opened

Since Nov 29, ISMB 2018 invites submissions reporting theoretical, computational, and statistical advances in computational biology and its intersections with other fields.

CAMI paper online and open accessible in Nature Methods

Our paper "Critical Assessment of Metagenome Interpretation—a benchmark of metagenomics software" is now online in Nature Methods.

Here we publicly share full-text access to a view-only version of the paper by using the following SharedIt link:

Readers of our article via the shared link will also be able to use Enhanced PDF features such as annotation tools, one-click supplements, citation file exports and article metrics.

CAMI 2 upcoming

Are you a developer of a computational metagenome analysis method and software? The CAMI 2 contest will open in Spring 2018. Find more information on